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Step Up to a Healthier You

This 12- week education, program, based on the USDA dietary guidelines, cover the barriers most people face when trying to lose weight.

Sign up and discover a healthier you!

Cooking Well with Diabetes

Cooking Well with Diabetes is a cooking class designed to help people with diabetes and anyone that prepares food for them. This four-lesson course includes basic nutrition education to help plan meals and prepare food for people living with diabetes. Find quick dinner ideas and gain access to 25+ recipes that will help you cook well with diabetes.

BinaxNOW Rapid Test for Schools

WISD is pleased to share that we will be taking part in a statewide program offering the BinaxNOW rapid tests for use in schools.

Chromebook Damage Fee- Update 11.11.2020

Parents during registration at the beginning of the school year you signed the district Chromebook Agreement. The damage fees have changed as of November 2020, due to price increase of replacement parts.

Due to Covid-19 students were issued their Chromebook without a rental fee for the 2020-2021 school year. Please be aware that damage charges still apply for all students.

You can locate the full Policy at: under Parents

If you have questions or concerns please contact the school. By not contacting the school you are agreeing that you have read this update.
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