Mission Statement:

The mission of Woodsboro ISD is to provide 'only the best' leadership, teachers, and resources so that all students become successful, responsible citizens. (Adopted by Board of Trustees December 16, 2019.)



1. WISD will create a culture of excellence to recruit, support, and maintain qualified, motivated faculty and staff.
2. WISD will provide students a quality comprehensive academic and extracurricular education designed to foster college, career, and lifelong success.
3. WISD will engage parents and community members as active partners in developing well-rounded students who are strong leaders and responsible citizens.
4. WISD will establish and enhance fiscally sound practices to ensure the efficient and effective management of District resources to maximize the educational opportunities available to all students.
5. WISD will establish a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and visitors.


"Only the best"
Tradition - Honor - Success