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TEA Releases the Preliminary A-F State Accountability Rating 

New State Accountability System Press Release for Woodsboro  ISD 

The newly developed A-F State Accountability System is not an accurate reflection of the quality education, dedicated staff, supportive parents and students with a vast array of talents, interests, and opportunities that are available at Woodsboro ISD.  This system does not take into consideration the vast diversity of our state or the available resources for meeting the high expectations required to achieve the desired outcomes.  Woodsboro ISD received a "MET Standard" rating under the current Texas State Accountability system.


Through our needs assessment and root cause analysis, we have identified and have implemented changes to better support our teachers and the ever-changing needs of our students. We have identified areas of need and have begun implementing a Targeted Improvement Plan which was approved by our Board of Trustees in December of 2016. Our newly hired curriculum director will help support curriculum alignment throughout the district and will provide instructional support and coaching for our staff.  


Woodsboro ISD will continue to focus on individual student needs. We have outstanding teachers and administrators who love our students, and we will continue to help and support them. Our Board of Trustees has been provided with the preliminary results and are supportive of our district.


Woodsboro ISD does not embrace a rating or ranking of our schools based on a state test administered on one specific date.  WISD remains steadfast in our responsibility and commitment to our students, parents, and community; to provide a quality 21st-century education that far exceeds the limited parameters of this state accountability design. Our district is so much more than one test; our students are so much more than one score!


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