United States Census 2020-Complete Yours TODAY!

“Have you completed your 2020 Census questionnaire?  If not, please visit 2020census.gov to complete your Census.  It takes only a few minutes; it is easy and confidential.  Being counted in our community helps determine distribution of Federal Funds for our community for the Next 10 Years!  Don’t forget to count your children! Please, visit 2020census.gov”  
The largest undercounted group are Children between the ages of birth to 5 years. 
Enclosed are several flyers that you may want to rotate in your social media, from there you can choose the one you would prefer for your memo/message to employees. 
Census link to self-respond:  2020census.gov  
Census Response Rate Map (updated daily by 3pm): https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates/self-response.html